How does LOCA store your Credit Card information? and can you trust LOCA?


One of the top question being asked by our LOCA users are related to how LOCA store their credit card information. Then another question would be “can we trust LOCA to store our credit card?” or “Do LOCA has a PCI compliant to do so?” You are not alone and we are here to explain all of your concern

With LOCA, we do not have a PCI compliant to store or handling your credit card information (don't panic yet). However, LOCA does not store your credit card information in-house. That means we are not the one handling your information or store your information. 

Then who? LOCA use the payment gateway service called “Stripe” which is the best software platform for running an internet business. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

Sound interesting right? yes, they are. Stripe is, of course, the PCI compliant payment company. We trusted Stripe to take care of the (very, incredibly, terrifyingly) hard work of PCI compliance for us. As part of that commitment, they're not going to release those credit card details that they work tirelessly to keep secure. 

Stripe is a famous solution and being used by millions business worldwide including the famous Lyft, Intacart, Deliveroo, Grab, and more…as seen below

You can read more about Stripe via


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