LOCA is featured on Laotiantime.com


On 21st August, LOCA was featured on the Laotiantime, the local online news portal. The Laotiantime called “First Ride-Sharing App” as it interviewed one of our drivers.

Laotiantime also mentions that

With over 900,000 vehicles on the road and no viable public transport system insight, traffic in Vientiane is becoming a thing – a thing mentioned in casual conversation, a thing appearing in news reports, and a thing to be battled during the daily commute. Roads are small, cars are big, and people still double park to buy a bunch of bananas. It’s no wonder, then, that local tech firm Bizgital put their heads together and came up with a solution.

You can read the full article here https://laotiantimes.com/2018/08/21/loca-meet-laos-first-ride-sharing-app/

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