LOCA Introducing “Ride First, Pay Later” to LOCA for Business Accounts

It has been 3 years since LOCA has first introduced in Laos. Loca now has more than 400 drivers with the service available 24hrs. With the success of the service and the growing customer base, Loca introduced the LOCA for Corporate to make the transportation service fair, transparent, and easy to manage for businesses and organizations. Now Loca is making the service even more accessible and easier to manage solutions for the business commute.

For several months, LOCA has been piloting the new payment scheme “Ride First, Pay Later” for the business and organization that would like to use LOCA as their mean of transportation for work-related. The “Ride First, Pay Later” is a new payment scheme of LOCA for Corporate; allow the employee to choose the company account if they are commute with work-related.

How it works is very simple. The businesses or organizations only need to contact the LOCA representative to set up the corporate account with LOCA. Then LOCA will open the account with 10,000,000 KIP available credit per month for the business or organization to allocate as they wish to each employee. Businesses or organizations will not be billed until they or their employees use the service.

LOCA not only give a solution for the businesses or organizations access to transportation service, but the full solution that will help the administrator manage all the invoices in one place by using the LOCA Business Management Tool.

It doesn’t matter if the business has two employees or 100 employees, or they will have 500 or 1,000 trips per month. LOCA Business Management Tool provides the invoices with great detail that has never seen before, in which including the exact timing of the booking, trip route detail, pick up and drop off location. These data will help the business to verify each of the trips made by the employees.

To prove that we always care for your safety and protection, we are partnering with Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) to insuring every ride for up to LAK 500,000,000 to protect you and your employee; starting from 01/01/2021 forward

The details of the insurance coverage protection and the compensation in case of an accident are below:

  • Bodily injury (Max per Accident) LAK 500,000,000 
  • Death or Total permanent disability (Max per Person) LAK 80,000,000 
  • Medical Expenses (Max per person) LAK 8,000,000
  • Hospital Discharge LAK 300,000
  • Material Damage (Max per accident) LAK 50,000,000

For more information please contact us

Phone: 02098111129

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LocaLaos/

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