For a month Vientiane has been locked down the city due to the situation of the COVID19 pandemic, and now there is some area as we are known as “Green area” can travel. We as LOCA seen that many people still want to use a taxi online service for traveling to a necessary duty. To help everyone solve this problem we have opened LOCA taxi online again by following the Measures to prevent COVID19 on service to make sure our driver and customer are safe from COVID19.

For passengers and drivers:

  • All passengers require to wearing a mask all time during a service
  • Wash hand regularly and have hand sanitizer after using a service.
  • We added a protection shield
  • Two passenger max
  • LOCA drivers have to check the temperature before providing a service.
  • All of our drivers have been vaccinated

We always take safety as the priority of passengers and drivers.



For More Detail:

WeChat Official Account:LOCA COMPANY LIMITED




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