LOCA x foodpanda: Collect LOCA point for redeem a discount code from foodpanda!


Start collecting LOCA points by using our LOCA taxi service to get a discount code from foodpanda.

Let’s take your point to get a special benefit for us!

For more detail:

  • Terms of use

– Valid for Loca Member with enough points

– One member can redeem 1 time for this promotion in 1 month

-Use 120 points from your account to redeem 40,000 KIP discount code for Foodpanda (20,000 for food order, and 20,000 for Shop order)

– For food: Minimum order is 30,000kip

– For shop: Minimum order is 50,000kip

Remark: You will receive the discount code of the shop within 48 hours

  • How to redeem

– Open Loca App > Press Loca reward button > click the digital coupon

– Press redeem the campaign

– Press My Claim > Copy > Bring the code to foodpanda when you need to use

  • Duration:

– Start on 15th June 2021 to 15th September 2021.

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