LOCA joined BYD LAO launching a pilot program to accelerate the adoption of EV in Laos

LOCA and BYD LAO together launching a pilot program to conduct the feasibility study of using EV in transportation service in Laos. The program is aiming to accelerate the electric vehicle adoption among LOCA taxi and delivery drivers to drive down the cost and create a long-term environmental impact. 

The two companies are aiming to use this initiative to show the policymaker and the consumers that the EV is most suitable for the Lao market as the country’s vision is to be the battery of Southeast Asia. 

In the pilot program, LOCA wanted to show that the range is not a barrier, but helps to generate more profit for the drivers/partners as the cost would be a lot lower than an internal combustion engine car. 

With BYD E2, the model will be used in this pilot program, it offers a 305KM range per charge and is now the most affordable EV in Laos market.  With the effort of the two companies, the program will be equipped with a special business model such as leasing and financing, subsidized fund, special discount, and an after-sale service package from BYD. 

SOULIYO, the CEO of LOCA, says “owning the EV himself, he still doesn’t have an issue with the range anxiety, where he happens to live in Vientiane Province 70KM away from Vientiane Capital, his commute has no issue after owning the EV” 

Souliyo also added that “after owning EV car, he never wants to go back, and in fact help him save a lot of money on the gasoline expense. He hopes for the same for all LOCA’s partners ”

LOCA currently is the largest city transportation service in Laos operating in 3 major cities of Laos as Vientiane Capital, Luang Prabang, and Champasak. Recently, LOCA was the first startup and small company to be listed on Forbes Asia 100 to Watch companies. 

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