Loca and Bizgital have officially launched their new office and are ready to make a positive difference in Laos startup community.


On the 5th of May, 2022, 2 front-line Lao startups Bizgital Limited Company and Loca Limited Company formally opened their new headquarters at the Vientiane Plaza Building.

Bizgital and Loca have grown rapidly over the last six years, using technology and creativity to fulfill market demands while also providing a better quality of life for people living in the digital age.

Bizgital and Loca have expanded their offices to accommodate the company’s rapid expansion by moving to larger and better locations. “We want to give an open environment for their creativity and ideas to develop.” Mangkone Sayasane, CCO of Bizgital and Loca, said. “We also designed the new office with bright paint to give a modern mood to support our goal for the new era of Startups.”

Mangkonephet Sayasane, CCO of Bizgital and Loca

Bizgital Limited is a digital marketing and IT consulting firm that has been in business since 2016. Bizgital has supplied complete digital marketing services, including advertisement production, website development, and application development.

“Adjusting to the current world is a priority for doing business in the future, and digitalization is not far away. Digital is present in every aspect of our life, and Bizgital’s mission is to provide excellent digital services to the community.” Bizgital’s CEO, Jettana Viengsaly, said.

Jettana Viengsaly, CEO of Bizgital

Loca, a 24-hour taxi service that was once part of Bizgital but was later split up into a separate company, was founded in 2018. Nowadays, Loca has developed and provided new services to society. Besides the 24/7 taxi service in Vientiane capital and other provinces, Loca has evolved and expanded its services to society today. Loca is a super-platform that offers a range of services, including Loca Last-Mile Delivery Express, Loca Advertising on cars and airplanes, Loca Car Rental, Loca Car Share, Loca EV Charger, Loca Insurance, and many more soon.

“Building digital infrastructure is essential for our country’s transition to a digital economy.” Loca aims to provide 100 percent electric taxi service instead of gas taxis soon to achieve net-zero emissions in Laos.” Loca’s CEO, Souliyo Vongdala, said.

Souliyo Vongdala, CEO of Loca

Furthermore, one of the board managers of both companies, Phonepasong Mixab, said, “Our companies are now ready to raise a fund from both internal and external investors. We’re also excited about investing in fresh and exciting startups in Laos.”

Phonepasong Mixab, Executive Director of Bizgital and Loca

Bizgital and Loca’s headquarters are located on the 7th floor of the Vientiane Plaza Building, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital which was designed and decorated by dPro Advertising.

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