Go around like a local with Loca Car Rental


You can now travel and explore Vientiane Capital easily with Loca Car Rental.
Just 3 steps and you can have a car with a driver so you can go around the city without driving by yourself and have yourself a great time here in Vientiane Capital.

Step 1: Open the LOCA app, Click on the “Car Rental” button and choose “with driver”

Step 2: Choose “pick up point”, Date and Search. It will appear the list of cars you can choose. We have a sedan, a van, and a pickup car.

Step 3: After you chose the car, then fill in your information, choose the payment way, and after you’ve paid the Loca Officer will contact you later.

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LOCA新功能来了!皮卡车服务(Pickup Truck Service)已上线!

LOCA很高兴地宣布,APP里的皮卡车现在为您服务! 过去的一段时间里,LOCA发现很多客户对皮卡车的需求不断增长,我们也希望LOCA能帮助物品较多的客户找到合适的车型,帮助客户搬运一些物品到达目的地,比如:去机场等等。 所以,LOCA向客户推荐我们的皮卡车服务,方便物品较多的客户。 LOCA皮卡车服务在老挝万象市内为您服务,虽然在夜间皮卡车服务有限数量,但是我们LOCA团队会努力增加更多的皮卡车,以满足客户需求为主,并为客户提供更便捷的服务。 请您放心使用LOCA皮卡车服务。如果您使用过LOCA皮卡车服务,也希望您给我们一些反馈和介绍给您身边人关于我们的服务。 当您有较多的东西或者需要搬运东西的时候,希望LOCA皮客车能为您服务。   了解更多,关注我们: 微信公众号: LOCA COMPANY LIMITED Facebook...

5 Processes LOCA takes to select the driver for the best service standard and your safety

Many customers may be wondering how the Loca has a standard and procedure...