Introducing LOCA Limousine Service powered by LIMOLAOS

Vientiane, January 22nd, 2020. LOCA would like to introduce the premium ride that will exceed your expectations.

The top 5 places for vegetarian dishes

Vegetarian is the kind of food based on food that meets vegetarian standard, people who always eat a vegetable, fruit and dairy product, not including meat, they can get protein from a dairy product such as milk, eggs, soybean, … etc. These are the list of the top 5 restaurants that serve vegetarian food in Vientiane we would like to recommend.

The best 5 Pho in Vientiane, Laos

The original of Pho is from Vietnam, their signature is noodle, soup and side dish. Pho has begun in northern Vietnam by refugees after the Vietnam war and it is a portion of popular street food that serves in the restaurant in some countries. After that many years, they have been developed for many gens and these are the 5 best Pho restaurants in Vientiane recommended by local people.

The 5 best Cafes for work outdoor in Vientiane, Laos

In our daily life, everyone has a different kind of places to focus on work after office or we know as an outdoor working. Especially in Vientiane there is a lot of workers and they are looking for a delicious foods and drinks while they are working too. So, these are the best 5 cafés in Vientiane that you can follow on this list.

How to use LOCA App to call a private taxi to get around in Luang Prabang City

A lot of visitors, tourists, or expat that are coming to Laos are wondering how do they get around. Is there any Taxi in Luang Prabang? Is there any Taxi Application in Luang Prabang? Well, YES, Laos also has the best taxi application called LOCA. With LOCA, you can request your ride from anywhere, anytime and your LOCA driver will come to you. The step is simple as below