Get Around Like a Local

Go Green and Get Around Like a Local with LOCA TAXI, Laos’s largest EV fleet! As the only licensed Laos-based ride-sharing service, we provide convenient, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly transportation options. Our transparent pricing, strict driver selection process, and 24/7 customer service ensure safety, fair income for drivers, and a seamless experience for customers, all while reducing carbon emissions for a greener future

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Standard pricing and tracking system with the trip history provided

Reliability & Safety

All drivers and vehicles have to pass the offline verification process. Real-time support and monitoring system/team

Accessibility & Availability

Get access to all private car and taxi in just one app anywhere anytime

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Top Rated Driver-Partners

The Service We Promise

At LOCA, we prioritize delivering the highest quality of service that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Our drivers undergo rigorous background checks and comprehensive training to ensure a superior experience. All driver-partner information is verified by local authorities, maintaining a clean driving record is mandatory, and vehicles must meet stringent LOCA standards before being operational. Furthermore, LOCA provides insurance coverage up to 500,000,000 LAK per trip, ensuring peace of mind for both passengers and drivers.


LOCA accepts most major credit cards such as VISA, MASTER, JCB, and UnionPay, Loca Pay, and all local bank

LOCA also takes cash payment as well as LOCA Wallet where you can top up via Cash or Credit Card.

You can top up LOCA Wallet via Credit Card, ALIPAY, and All local banks

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Sustainable EV Taxis: Clean Air, Green Rides

Our EV taxis not only provide eco-friendly transportation but also ensure clean air with built-in PM2.5 filters, prioritizing both environmental sustainability and passenger well-being.

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