7 Best Coffee shops you must visit in Vientiane

Vientiane is a small city with many interesting coffee shops and cafés to explore. If you are food lovers, coffee lovers, and explorer, these are 7 best coffee shops in Vientiane recommended by local people. Because with Loca you can “Get Around Like a Local”


Joma Bakery Café Laos

Joma is one of the most popular café among the expats and foreigners. They serve the best pastries in town, most recommended menu are carrot cake, cheesecake, cookies, and bread. One thing that customers do not know is they have refillable Americano, you pay 23,000 kips but you can refill it for 1 time.

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Joma. There are 3 branches in Vientiane Capital, the staffs are friendly and great atmosphere. 


Once Upon a Time

You will get lost in a fantasy in this coffee shop, it’s not just coffee, but the warmth and coziness of the interior itself make this place special. They believe in Lao Coffee and doing their best to show how talented Lao people are. If you are a coffee lover who likes your coffee to be strong and rich, this is the right place. They serve a variety kinds of foods from Asian to Western, desserts, fresh juices and most recommend are coffees. 



Dough & Co

Cozy place with friendly service. Love the design of this café, it is minimal and chic. It has a small meeting room on the second floor in case someone needs privacy. 

Great place to have brunch on the weekend, they serve quality food especially donuts are so good and great coffee. Most recommend menus are donuts, grilled cheese with tomato soup is so good and Medovik cake which is Ukrainian honey cake. Tips: The donuts can be sold out very quickly, so please be there before afternoon. 



Slurp x Doppio Vientiane 

You will definitely go back if you have visited once. The vibe is chill and calm, the staffs are friendly. You will find interesting and unique drinks, foods and desserts that you will not find it anywhere. The coffee here is great and creative. Recommend menu are: coffees, pancakes, and padthai. All ingredient are great quality. 


The Little House Café

Mystery café in Vientiane, if you want to escape the busy world this is where you must visit. This café is in the little house just like the name. No wifi in this shop but they serve great coffee and best scone in town. Their desserts are so tiny just like there concept but they are premium desserts that you definitely want to order more. They have indoor seats and outdoor seats which locate at the backyard of the little house. The vibe is peaceful and super quiet. 



Tit Kafe 

Café for coffee addiction (Tite Kafe means coffee addiction) recommend for coffee lovers and people who want to explore new coffee and drinks. The coffee are amazing, they have a cool coffee bar where you definitely do not miss a cool shot in-front of the bar. They also serve nitro brew coffee which gives a vibe of drinking beer, it’s just so fun to explore their coffee. In the evening Coffee bar become a cocktail bar. Recommend menus are all coffees and Melon Matcha Latte with Green tea Jelly.


Le Plateau Café

One of the great café in the city, not very far from Namphu and Mekong River. They serve a variety of foods from Western foods to Laos Authentic foods, there desserts and bakery are also recommended. The seats are so comfy and cozy, you can sit all day long, outdoor and indoor seats are both available. Coffee is nice and staff is friendly. Best place to have lunch because the foods are so varied, the recommended menu is a croissant. 




Disclaimer: The information provided above is from our team observation and data indicator. We have no intention of any kind nor that we are paid to directly promote these services. If you feel the information is incorrect, misunderstood or subject to copyright issue, please inform our team at [email protected]

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