How to use LOCA App to call a private taxi to get around in Vientiane Laos

A lot of visitors, tourists, or expat that are coming to Laos are wondering how do they get around. Is there any Taxi in Vientiane? Is there any Taxi Application in Vientiane? Well, YES, Laos also have the best taxi application called LOCA. With LOCA, you can request your ride from anywhere, anytime and your LOCA driver will come to you. The step is simple as below:

1. First of all, download LOCA application where it is available on Apple store and Play store by typing LOCA on the search feature. It will show 2 applications of LOCA: one in white color and the other in black. Download the white one as the black one is only for drivers.

2. Next step, you open the application and choose which way you would like to sign up: whether by mail or by your facebook page, both ways you will be asked to verify your phone number. Yes, we support worldwide phone number. 

When signed in, the application appears with a map and the blue spot represents your location. Before requesting a ride, please make sure to press the location button to set your pick up location. 

(please note that the road in Laos is tricky, it is best that you move your location pin to the ROAD line)

3. Then tap “BOOK NOW” and put your destination at the section “Add Drop-off location”, choose your payment method that is located at the bottom right. You can pay by Cash, Wallet, or Credit Card**. Make sure you put the right information and then press “Confirm Booking” to request a ride.

4. After you enter the drop off location, you will be able to see the estimated fare which will give you an idea about how much you will be paying. Note that the estimate is not your final fare, the final fare may be vary depending on your actual travel route and time duration.

5. When you are ready, you can press Confirm Booking to get the car to come to pick you up


**Convenience fee, such fee occurs for the individual booking that book via credit card. The fees of 4% + 3,000 LAK will be applied at the end of the trip when the transaction is complete. Booking with Cash or Wallet or Topup Wallet via credit card will not be subject to a Convenience fee.

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LOCA 再次为您服务!

目前,根据老挝实施各地区不同等级的风险管控,将按各村疫情情况划分为红、黄、绿三区,而绿区在严格做好防疫措施的前提下,可外出至其他绿区。LOCA发现,我们的APP对大部分人的出行很重要,因此,LOCA再次开通服务。为了防止疫情,减低感染风险,请客户和司机注意以下事项:   请全程佩戴口罩 请用酒精消毒液消毒手部 LOCA车已安装防护膜 每辆车最多只允许2位乘客上车 司机必须在服务前测量体温 LOCA司机已接种疫苗   请您放心使用LOCA,我们永远把乘客和司机的安全放在第一位 LOCA APP 24小时约车服务...


目前,LOCA有400多位司机,且不断增长。LOCA在老挝的车辆最大,服务范围最广。LOCA关注每位客户的行程,公正的价格。我们有系统跟随车辆,您可以放心使用LOCA。LOCA认真检查司机的简历,每次都会严格培训司机使用APP和驾车安全才允许司机接送客户。 LOCA支持多种方式付款,客户可以通过现金,VISA卡和Master卡来付款。另外,LOCA还有LOCA钱包(LOCA WALLET),在BCEL ONE和支付宝充值LOCA钱包,然后就可以进行支付了。   叫车的步骤:通过LOCA线上叫车,简单接送客户到达目的地。   备注:LOCA叫车使用GPS技术计算出总行程的价格。该系统会计算出公平清晰的价格。司机会按照这个价格跟客户收款,不允许司机外收客户的钱,您可以安心使用LOCA。 大家开始认识LOCA了,但可能有一部分人可能对LOCA的服务有怀疑。今天我们来介绍大家怎么用LOCA APP叫车。步骤顺序如下: 一、下载APP。在手机iOS版(Apple Store)在和Android版(Play Store)搜索...