Introducing LOCA Limousine Service powered by LIMOLAOS

Vientiane, January 22nd, 2020. LOCA would like to introduce the premium ride that will exceed your expectations.

LOCA team up with LIMOLAOS COMPANY LIMITED to introduce the Best Limousine Service in Vientiane Capital. LIMOLAOS has been offering clients throughout Vientiane and the surrounding area quality transportation services. With the collaboration, LOCA customers are now able to book a premium service of LIMOLAOS through the LOCA platform. It is always LOCA’s vision to be a single platform for all transportations services in Laos. 

Vehicles on LOCA Limousine Service powered by LIMOLAOS will be BMW Series 7. The drivers are have passed the high standard of professional driver training programs. LIMOLAOS committed that its drivers are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service that makes commuting in and around Vientiane an enjoyment. 

All Limousine Service powered by LIMOLAOS ride will be provided with cold drinking water, and free Wi-Fi so that the customers can always stay connected. LIMLAOS also goes extra mile for you, by equipped GPS tracking system in all the vehicles and its drivers are individually checked for criminal history. 

The service rate for the LOCA Limousine Service powered by LIMOLAOS will start from 91,620 LAK, and then the fare will be 18,000 LAK per KM and 630 LAK per minute. 

LOCA and LIMOLAOS are looking forward to providing the premium ride that will exceed your expectations


More Information About LIMOLAOS

[email protected]

Call: 020 999 11898

Bo Nangoua Village, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane, Lao PDR

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