LOCA EV Hits Remarkable Milestone: 4.2 Million Kilometers Charged in 2023!

In an exciting development for 2023, LOCA EV has proudly achieved a major milestone in Laos’s journey towards sustainable mobility. We have successfully delivered a total of 4.2 million kilometers worth of charge to electric vehicles (EVs) across the country, utilizing our extensive network of 17 charging locations, including several in the capital city of Vientiane.

This achievement is more than just a testament to our commitment to green transportation. It underscores our dedication to making EV charging convenient and accessible for all. Our current network of 17 strategically located stations has played a pivotal role in supporting the growing community of EV drivers in Laos.

Looking forward, LOCA EV is excited to announce that we are not stopping here. In 2024, we are set to expand our network even further, with plans to add 20 more charging stations. This expansion is aimed at enhancing our coverage and providing even more convenience to EV users throughout Laos.

The impact of this expansion is significant. Not only does it cater to the current needs of EV drivers, but it also paves the way for more motorists to consider switching to environmentally friendly vehicles. By increasing the availability and accessibility of charging stations, we are taking concrete steps towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting a healthier, cleaner environment.

As we celebrate this significant milestone and look towards a future of continued growth, we thank our customers and supporters for joining us on this journey. Your trust and support drive us to keep innovating and expanding, charging ahead for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

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