LOCA is ready! provide EV taxi service in Laos to create environmentally friendly mobility

Loca, the largest online taxi service provider in Laos, announced that they are ready to provide electric taxi services, also including electric motorcycles, to deliver goods and passengers to create an environment-friendly journey and reduce air pollution.

Loca has been providing online taxi services for more than 4 years, which has been able to create more than 600 taxis in the network, which includes more than 52 electric taxis. By 2025, Loca aims to have more than 1000 taxi services in the system, and 500 of them will be electric cars, and in 2030, it will turn into 100% electric taxi services, which is expected to have more than 5000 electric taxis.

In the recent past, the Loca electric taxi service has received a very good response from Lao people and foreign tourists. The Loca electric taxi service has served customers for more than 41,000 trips, covering a distance of more than 220,000 km and reducing the release of CO2 into the air by 40,000 kilograms or 40 tons.

Every Loca driver has passed a background check and gone through training before joining Loca, you can rely on the professionalism and safety of their 24-hour service, which ensures that no matter what time you call, there will always be a car to serve you.

Loca is a service that allows you to book a taxi easily with the touch of a finger on your mobile phone through the LOCA application.

Moreover, Loca also has a fast electric car charging station to support Loca drivers and also be used for the general public to use. The car can be charged in just 30-40 minutes and give power to the car for a more than 200-300 kilometers trip.

Currently, Loca has more than 6 charging stations, including 3 stations in Vientiane, 1 station each in Vang Vieng – Paksan – Savannakhet, and 2 more in Khammouan province and Pakse district, which are expected to open within January 2023.

Try the EV taxi service today on the LOCA app

Download the app at: https://www.loca.la/download 

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