LOCA will be soon welcoming 240 minivans on the platform in addition to our existing 300+ drivers

On Monday 28th October 2019, LOCA and the Vientiane based Minivan Association singed the MOU to welcome its 240 minivan members to LOCA platform to increase the ease of access to minivan services in Vientiane.

Mr. SOULIYO VONGDALA – Co-founder and CTO of LOCA

LOCA mission is to make the city transportation accessible and transparent for the customers both inbound and local. With our current success with the lightweight vehicle service, we are now would like to welcome a minivan service on to the platform to give an additional service and choice of transportation in Vientiane capital to the customers.

The tentative service that LOCA will introduce together is the flat fee hour rate rent. The service will give you an affordable option when you are in Vientiane and would like to rent a minivan with a driver for your group to travel or get around the city. Our tentative packages start from 3 hours, 4 hours, and 7 hours. All option come with the seat capacity of 8 people.


3 Hours/80KM Priced at 290,000 KIP

4 Hours/100KM Priced at 390,000 KIP

7 Hours/150KM Priced at 520,000 KIP


Both the Minivan Association and LOCA are sharing the same vision of digitize the transportation service. Both party are willing to collaborate to improve the standard of minivan services in Vientiane Capital. 

Mr. Bounkham Latsavong - President of Vientiane Minivan Association

Mr. Bounkham Latsavong – President of Vientiane Minivan Association 

This signing is one of the big milestones and will represent a good example of collaboration between a startup company and the existing business. Additionally, with the recent cooperation between LOCA and the Lanexang Assurance public company, we will also introduce a new standard for the protection in the transportation services soon, which has never been done before in Laos. 


The collaboration between LOCA and the Minivan Association, in fact, has already begun. The pilot will start rolling in November 2019 and the full service will be available by December 2019. 

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