The 5 must-try restaurants in Vientiane recommended by local people

The food in Vientiane is colorful and diverse just like the city. We list the 5 must-try restaurants in Vientiane recommended by local people. Because with Loca you will be able to Get Around Like a Local.


Doi Ka Noi Restaurant

Doi Ka Noi is one of the most famous Lao Cuisine among the locals and foreigners in Vientiane. They serve Laos authentic food and all the ingredients are local. Doi Ka Noi is the combinations of good food, ambiance, good service, value, and authenticity. The menu changes daily you will not be able to have the same menu every time you visit the restaurant, the food is fresh, exciting and flavorsome. If you want to know more about Laos especially Laos food you must visit Doi Ka Noi and you will know how healthy and diverse the cuisine of Laos really can be.

Contact Number: +85620 5589 8959

Busienss Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday: 10am – 2:30pm
Friday – Sunday: 10am – 9pm
Monday – Closed


Banh Couan by Hong Thong – Kaffa 

Banh Couan is one of our most favorite restaurants, especially for weekend brunch with family and friends. Banh Couan is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that enhances the uniqueness of Vietnamese food to the next level while still keeping the authenticity of Vietnamese cuisine. They serve best Banh Couan varieties in town, their banh couan comes with varieties flavor such as original, pandan and butterfly pea flower, filled with original meat and mushrooms mix. Another most recommended dish is Banxeo or Vietnamese sizzling pancake which is super crispy filled with meat and shrimps. They also have children’s play area and café with great coffee and tea. Definitely, the best spot to go for a tasty lunch and dinner.

Business Hours: Everyday 6:00am – 10:00pm
Phone: +85620 5571 2812

Qoo Japanese Restaurant

Qoo is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Vientiane, the food was fresh, the price was reasonable and the dishes are delicious. Sushi and Sashimi were significant fresh and delicious, they have a special menu every week depends on what fish they can get in. Staffs are kind and friendly. The ambiance was amazing, they have many zones of seats for selection and the private zone are on the second floor. Qoo serves okonomiyaki or Japanese pancake which is not very easy to find in other Japanese restaurants in town. 

Phone: +85630 5279 577
Business Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 11:30am – 2pm and 5pm– 10:30pm
Saturday: 5pm – 10:30pm
Sunday: Closed


Senglao Cafe

Senglao Café is a fusion restaurant name after the old cinema in the center of Vientiane, this contemporary restaurant has a cinematic theme, they serve popcorn and bread and butter as an appetizer. Senglao Café has an extensive menu, wonderful fusion dishes including healthy dishes and even children’s menu. The ambiance is very pleasant and relaxing, they have a modern outdoor garden setting and indoor. You will be impressed by the friendly staff with excellent services. Recommended menu are the pizzas. You will not be disappointed. 

Phone: +85630 5880 588
Business Hours: 
Monday – Saturday:11am – 10pm
Sunday: 9am – 4pm


The Greenhouse

The greenhouse new concept of restaurant in town, they have fresh salad bar serve a variety of healthy dishes, if you love healthy and fresh food this is the place you must visit. Let’s be creative and make your own salad mix for only 38,000 kips. They also have healthy desserts, their vegan energy balls are super delicious, most recommended flavors are cranberry and mango. The Greenhouse strongly support local products, they have a small space where you can shop for good local products such as jam and yogurt. You will love the atmosphere and the kindness of the staff. 

Business Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Phone: +85620 5586 3686




Disclaimer: The information provided above is from our team observation and data indicator. We have no intention of any kind nor that we are paid to directly to promote these services. If you feel the information is incorrect, misunderstood or subject to copyright issue, please inform our team at [email protected]

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