Heineken and LOCA team up to curb Drunk Driving behavior in Vientiane

Heineken®, the world’s most international premium beer brands, has teamed up with LOCA, the largest online ride-hailing application in Laos, to create awareness “When you drink, Never drive”and  provide an incentive to curb drunk driving behavior in Vientiane, Laos and encourage locals to act responsibly when consuming alcohol products.

The partnership offers incentive rides to the bars and back home safely for all drinkers. Simply join the campaign on the LOCA application you will get the discount code for a taxi ride of 20-40% and redeem a rewarding drink from participating bars. This is a great way to prevent drunk driving behavior and keep everyone safe on the roads.

Drunk driving is a safety issue that unfortunately continues to be a major problem in Laos, resulting in accidents and fatalities. It has a devastating impact on families and the community at large. Every effort must be made to create greater safety on our roads. According to a report from The Laotian Times, in 2021, over 800 people were killed in road accidents across Laos, with the majority of accidents caused by drunk or reckless driving.

Participating in this exciting campaign is now easier than ever with the LOCA application. By downloading the app and joining, users can claim both rewards and incentive rides. Once these rewards have been earned, they can be used to get a free drink at participating bars – so why not give it a try? With the easy-to-use interface of the app, users will find themselves immersed in this exciting experience and rewarded for their efforts. Participate in the LOCA App today and get rewarded for your participation!

Heineken and Loca are taking the lead to create a series of interventions to effect change on current drunk driving behavior and contribute to the global sustainability story via responsible consumption. This campaign will be the first to introduce an innovative social solution in the partnership between Heineken and Loca.

If you want to make a difference in your community, join now and spread the word. Besides getting a drink from Heineken and a Loca taxi discount, you’ll be a part of social responsibility and you can still enjoy your night safely. Together, we can make a difference with Heineken and Loca through this campaign.

Remember “When You Drink, Never Drive”.

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