Loca makes it possible to customize your health insurance on its application 24/7

First time in Laos! Customize your health insurance and pay with a credit card through the LOCA app.

Living here in Laos, where there are so peaceful and nice people. However, sometimes you can’t deny sickness or accidents that might happen to you too.

Good News for foreigners, or expats living in Laos, is you can now easily buy health insurance via the Loca app and pay with your credit/debit card, Visa and Mastercard are both accepted.

First time in Laos, to let you to customize your insurance!

Loca offers up to 304 million Kip for IPD coverage and up to 1.5 million Kip per time for OPD coverage in health insurance. You can customize the amount of coverage for both IPD and OPD so you only pay what fits your needs and your lifestyle.

Loca Health Insurance provides you with access to the best hospitals in both Laos and Thailand. You can choose where you want to be treated, and an E-Policy provided by Loca will help you stay paperless by allowing you to go to any hospital with just your phone and the Loca app. 

Easy to buy health insurance on Loca app within 5 minutes

Loca Insurance is completely insured by PHONGSAVANH INSURANCE (APA), one of the leading insurance companies in Laos.

When you use the LOCA app to buy health insurance today, enter the coupon code “SABAI15” at the checkout to enjoy a 15% discount.

Get your health insurance now at: https://www.loca.la/download

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