LOCA X MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao introducing e-CASS to help drivers access to their earning instantly

July 1st, 2020, LOCA and Maruhan officially announced and signed a partnership to link e-CASS (e-Commerce Auto Settlement System) with LOCA Drivers payment system.
This partnership is our effort to help our LOCA partners (drivers) get access to earning faster than ever before. With the success of introducing e-CASS with the LOCA payment system, LOCA drivers will be able to access the money as soon as the trip is completed. The driver will be able to withdraw the cash out of the ATM 24/7, or transfer money to their bank account at any time.

Before the COVID-19 locked down in April 2020, LOCA has seen about 32% cashless transactions on the platform during February and March. After the reopening, the cashless volume has increased by about 5% to 37%, which means passengers are using cashless more. MR. Souliyo Vongdala also mentioned that “with recent integration with BCEL ONE and Alipay, in addition to VISA and Master Card; Loca will see the more cashless volume on the platform in the months to come. Introducing e-CASS makes a lot of sense to prepare for the increase of cashless volume and allow the drivers to access to their earning instantly after the trip is completed”

LOCA is now available in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, having more than 400 drivers registered. The service available 24 hours

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